Crafty Twist

Puzzle word game with vitamins almost infinite !!
Its very easy to play, but if you have doubts read the help or ask here Crafty Twist Community
Crafty Twist is a puzzle word game with multiple topics, you would discover new things about the topics that you like the most.
  • Warning !!, really addictive
  • Almost infinite topics to choose from !!
  • Puzzle words as you have never seen...
  • Its free !!
Coming Soon...
Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection required.


Crafty Twist has been created for your entertaiment, a mix of puzzle letters, guess words, jigsaw...., better play it !!, and with the topic you choose !!. An adventure of discover new things, new concepts, new ideas.

Crafty Twist is free, although maybe you find something that you would like and, if you want, have to pay for it.

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Crafty Twist is free, unfortunately we have not enough resources to attend all your doubts or troubles with the game.

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